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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Waterbug
Post Content
@ Wb.

i was just surprised about the new Levels
because i expected much higher Amounts
but what we saw Post-F:Shima is Peanuts
compared to the first years after Chernobyl!

I remember that even the Shroomies in Western-Europe
was so highly contaminated that we didn:t eat them
since that day in April 86!

They came all above 40-50.000 Bq a Kg/ Wet!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31837896

Bad either way.

The reality is the Sword of Damocles in Japan and elsewhere.
It can't be wished away.

The wealth and position, of those who manipulate
the events leading to.. and in the aftermath of these catastrophes, will not save them.

They would be wise to look up...
The horsehair has a tenuous grip.
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