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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Life is a gift..
May the Almighty have mercy on us for what we have done.
 Quoting: Waterbug


I'm not religious in the traditional sense...
raised Baptist/Pentecostal.
Never really could resolve the hypocrisies..
Always torn between philosophies and intellectual ideals.

I do prefer to believe in a reason for existence,
rather than randomness and oblivion.
If there is a reason... then, there must be a plan.
If there is a plan... there must be a reason.
If that is God... and He is good... that's the side I'm on..

I had lost the desire to continue posting and arguing Fuku details.
I was going to leave..
Fishy bought me in, so I will stay.
Thanks a lot, Fishy.. just kidding.
My posting, however, may be sporadic.

I've turned the corner..so to speak...
for many reasons, including what you have posted.
Tepco screwed up, I was outraged.. went down the rabbit hole.. saw too much.
Can't unsee it.

Made some great friends, 'tho..

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32173864

-aint a bad philosophy man. i see everything as energetics, seems to explain what i see so far. -dont explain why its like this or who/how it got here tho! -werent me! -as you say -what a gift, pity humanity cant respect that we been given, and that sustains/homes us.
Nature/the Living God -its awesome.

ref. fuku; yeh i can understand dispondant feelings
-after end may '11 (when clear in meltdown) info went stealth. i gave up research by august when i realised their intention and relied more on others work, like here.
-seems like ppl dont want to look at what cd be demise. -the elephant in the room like. all caught up in self desires of babylon... imagination -sucks
yet glad this thread/knowledge is still here.
...and cant see you stopping wanting to know, and sharing it man. cant see any of us here not.
this, and the original thread is a Righteous response, always have my respect for that.
-everyone. now and past. yeh real ppl
so catch ya later dude cool2
rawpaul hf
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