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Message Subject *** Fukushima *** and other nuclear-----updates and links
Poster Handle Citizenperth
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woman with lab results that STATE cesium is nuclear and not lab in her results in US

[link to countrywomanpaints.com]

Cesium or caesium are radioactive particles. Radiation. I am no rocket scientist and do not understand enough(yet), the differences between Cs137, Cs134 or Cs133 to explain it here. Unfortunately MY cesium is the result of radiation fallout not too many xrays. The test results:

Contamination from Cs137 as a result from radioactive fallout could be a problem. It is higher than expected, reflecting exposure to Cesium but symptoms may not be evident.”

That has an ominous tone, doesn’t it? Unfortunately there are some evident symptoms, they just weren’t making sense before now.

I am posting this because I have readers who live here, in the Bay Area. I read several local “chronic illness” groups daily where people have gotten increasingly ill in the past year and don’t understand why. Doctors are scratching their heads, never thinking that maybe it’s radiation, tho plenty of the patients have been wondering for almost two years.

I am convinced we are NOT getting the information we need about what IS in our air and water. It is impossible to overlook the obvious. The ongoing Fukushima Power Plant Disaster continues to spew vast amounts of radioactivity into the air and sea. Next month it will be 2 years since Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami killed hundreds of thousands. Yet we still do not have the information we need. And people ARE dying…
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