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Message Subject Deep Underground Military Bases, Alien Agenda, New World Order - Phil Schneider, Dr. Bill Deagle, Alex Collier, Lt Col SC
Poster Handle Dried Up Hag
Post Content
If these Alien races are so far advanced from us than that means they grew up and stopped killing everyone...

Peace to all
 Quoting: Buford2

Oh did they? If you've done any research...you will realise that THEY have caused many wars of man...even helped opposing sides win a war. Alexander The Great wrote about them as well Joan of Arc. The Battle of Jericho too. Napoleon and George Washington wrote of them too. Ufo's seen during WWII. there are many more instances too even more recent. So maybe us human aren't as kill crazy as you suggest...maybe we are being controlled to do these things?

Kinda puts things in a different light or perspective now...doesn't it? They have been with us all along...so if they were here to help us...why haven't they then after all these thousands of years?! THINK.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3846188

I heard some Alien's use them hose thingy's instead pf dp to wipe their booty's after doing a number 2. Man their advanced
 Quoting: C.j. UpyoursSatan

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