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Subject if earth was INVADED BY EVIL ALIENS what would our reaction really be?
Poster Handle mike
Post Content
first of all, i would think our initial reaction would be based on what "they looked like",because so many of us base decisions,even voting for presidents! on what someone looks like...it would seem more terrifying if they were beast or monster like in appearance, as opposed to a more human look...a large majority of the human race would not be able to "mentally" deal with it and would turn into helpless, blithering, wrecks...if there were thousands of alien saucers landing everywhere at once and they were unloading evil aliens in large numbers and were able to neutralize our weapons or confuse our satellites then we would be in deep S@#T...their best bet for taking over earth would be to disguise their evil intentions,and arrive like "wolves in sheeps clothing",then we would be tricked, instead of being forcibly overwhelmed...some say we have already been invaded and taken over!oh no!!!
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