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Message Subject if earth was INVADED BY EVIL ALIENS what would our reaction really be?
Poster Handle Bobman
Post Content
Cheer and utter hysteria. Peeps have been conditioned into fearing the unknown or unexplained and told that aliens do not exist. Sooooo . . . .

If it was an invasion as in your proposed scenario, one would assume being an obviously highly advanced race; these aliens would have a well thought out attack plan and execute it in symphony very quickly. We would not even have the time to wrap our heads around the fact that ETs are attacking us before it would be all over - every man for himself - helter skelter!

All organized groups, armies, governments would be powerless as any means of communication, navigation, radar , travel as well as utilities like electricity, telephone, cell etc would be most likely have been strategically neutralised by our invaders. And it wouldn’t be hard as all of the world’s satellites are not even protected from attack - they are just floating in space.

My thoughts.
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