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Message Subject if earth was INVADED BY EVIL ALIENS what would our reaction really be?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let's think for a while...what if they were the GOOD GUYS liberating us from the illuminati CONCENTRATION CAMP = Earth.

On which way serve the present reptoid nwo-illuminati (call them what you want) our interest? Do they working on free-energy devices and the welfare of humanity?

The present ultra-evil banking/politicians elite is not worth fighting for...one have to lean back and let them fight each others; when they are finished then we, the people can grab power and create new societies.

I believe we should be very careful and not help the Earth elite fight because they have no credit whatsoever.

If you like to continue to give your money+life for the ultra-evil Earth elite then do so.

The positive scenario would be if the benevolent aliens attacked all the elite forces world wide and crushing then crushing the defence forces of the Earth concentration camp...after the banking/politician elite is finished we could start talking and planning.

Whatever you do please don't do the mistake of defending your planetary nazi concentration camp!

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