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Katrina - Examining the Youngbrandt Prophecy - What´s Next

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 15995
United States
09/12/2005 10:58 AM
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Katrina - Examining the Youngbrandt Prophecy - What´s Next
The following prophecy was given by Chuck Youngbrandt many years before Katrina hit:

The countdown begins, the judgment clock ticks anew ... the earth will buckle and break, twist and shake and then explode once, twice and thrice - yet this is only the beginning and more is to follow of even greater fury.

In the East waves crash over walls and men are swept away, to the South judgment surges in and lays waste a great city, in the middle parts much will fall, much wil burn and many perish yet it is only the beginning of the beginning. Where a city is spared then ten towns will be destroyed - mercy, but not in man´s view. Where one million are spared, one thousand certainly perish yet in this there is great mercy.

Awaken my people and hear my word, your time is short, and I send my mighty ones to withstand a little more for some but not all. I keep open the door that many may yet escape, but in a time the door shuts and all outside will soon be given to woe and lamentation, sorrow and pain, misery and terrible loss unto death. The door I hold open, it is time to flee and enter in, when I shut it, no one opens and the time is past. A time remains where the door is held open, only a time, no more.


Being familiar wuith the Chuck Youngbrant prophecies, I think the key to understanding Katrina is that it is the "beginning of the beginning." I can tell you that we are attempting to withstand further judgments - yes some, but not all - for we have commission in prayer to stop certain events but not others. The prophet is particularly concerned with a potential nuclear disaster near Chicago at the present time.

The basic pattern I have been able to discern about these judgments is first they affect the middle part of the nation, then the entire nation, then the coasts. This apparently repeats over, and over in ever increasing intensity until the nation is hit with nuclear weapons and invaded by Sino-Russian forces. It will certainly be interesting to see if this pattern holds true after th Katrina event.

What I get from the prophecy concerning Katrina is that it is the "beginning of the beginning" of the more severe judgment events. The death tolls will be in the thousands. Then, in the next round, tens of thousands for each event, then hundreds of thousands, and then millions, finally tens of millions in the final nuclear attack and invasion.

If the pattern holds true, we would expect some form of judgment to hit the entire country from one to two months after Katrina. My guess would be gasoline shortages. Then events on the East and West Coasts, quakes, hurricanes or tsunamis come to mind.

In the Chuckian prophecies, there will be a hurricane of even greater intensity to strike New Orleans in the future - along with the rest of the Gulf Coast - more like a buzzsaw that mows the entire Gulf Coast like an edge trimmer and turns North at Corpus Christi. This would be in the same year that there is a massive quake on New Madrid, both the hurricane and quake occuring in a September.