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America is done: reason stupid, corrupt & complacent Americans: Hello CHINA

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1440417
United States
06/23/2011 03:46 PM
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America is done: reason stupid, corrupt & complacent Americans: Hello CHINA

9/11 1 hour and 24 minutes on the truth concerning 9/11 that only a stupid complacent idiot could miss.

Yes CNN, FOX, API: I'm talking to you as well

To everyone reading you need to understand something. This video is given to you to reveal how stupid most Americans have become. This information is not given to you so you could now finally after 10 years become convinced of the truth and do something about it. It is already too late for that, America is already doomed. Really I'm not kidding doomed by the hands of her own corrupt and complacent people.

It is too late change that fact, or stop the future collapse of America. America has terminal cancer economically, she will not recover before a complete collapse and the death of millions because of it. In spite of what you might think I'll have you know that I'm not a fanatic but a realist. I'm not trying to depress you but prepare you. I love America with all my heart and it is with great sadness that I write this.

Nevertheless it needs to be said even though most of you won't read it much further than to the end of this paragraph. Most of you need your a-s chewed for your stupidly and your complacency. That is what this is about an a-s chewing for your good. For the few of you that actually read this completely as well as watch the videos completely, then I request that you tell at least 100 others.

When your done watching the videos seriously, then you will understand why I'm so pissed off and why you should be too.

Most of you watch some type of stupid reality show or some other form of bull-crap, so if you cannot find two hours for this serious topic then you are not a real American but a leech, or self serving punk with a business suit and a set of golf clubs. Now I watch stupid reality shows too, but I make a point to remember we also need to be serious at times and pay attention. Watch the videos linked on this post, watch every minute of them. Hang up your phone and pay attention. When your done watching the videos seriously, then you will understand why I'm so pissed off and why you should be too.


To CNN, FOX, API and all the rest of the news outlets. You're just as guilty regarding 9/11 truth as those who try to cover it up. Some would argue that some of these news media outlets were in on the cover up. Not me, I know it is just a bad case of stupid on the part of the news groups, or the denial of the facts. It would be nice if that was actually the case, then you could possibly remove them just like you would most other corrupt elements once uncovered. However this is just not the case, it is just as simple as this: CNN, FOX and most of the others news outlets are just plain snooky stupid.

That's whats really sad about all this, CNN, & FOX no longer have any value for real news reporting, investigative work or real facts. CNN being one of the worst, but Fox is getting just as bad. They are merely corporations that have become political arms of their particular groups reporting some truth with lots of spin.


Yes even the Factor, like we really need to hear a bunch of people arguing about stupidity on top of more stupidity. Give me the facts and shut the hell up with your opinions. Save that crap for your blogs or websites. You only get 30 minutes to an hour anyway why waste that time pretending you know something about a news item that is still breaking. Report the things you know for sure and do the research for the things you should have known 10 years ago.

The news media has become teleprompter kings reading the scripts of erred reports just like Obama reads his teleprompter errors or lies. Part of the problem is the fact that the news anchors themselves did not do any of their own research. I mean serious research not a Google search. They are trusting their sources that they have been given, which most of the time are half true's at best and outright lies at worst. If it is garbage in the teleprompters, then you can expect garbage out. I'm really sick of the garbage, aren't you?


The news media stars such as Bill O'Reilly, Shepard Smith, Glenn Beck, John King, Greta Van Susteren all have the same problem, it is called teleprompter sickness. Are these media Stars stupid? No, but they are paid employees with their own personal point of views, some of which are dead wrong.

They get caught up in the idea that things will never get so bad that its unfix-able, regardless of their complacency. Someone else will always be able to fix it they think. Wrong if the news does not report the truth, dig for the truth, fight for the truth, then the truth will escape the country and the masses. Corruption will then flourish with all the consequences that will someday follow because of that corruption. Those consequences of course include the downfall of country affected as well as most corporations doing business in that country.

Most in the media, in fact even in the country in general cannot imagine that the economy, government or cover ups could ever get so bad that in one night could cause everyone to lose all of their freedoms. Freedoms most of us have taken for granted for far to many years. Remember this did not happen overnight, it took 20 years and your still not paying attention.


The major news sources such as CNN and FOX are the only private sources that can reach the masses to help prevent revolution, violence and stop government corruption. Yet instead they hire flunky lawyers that sit around debating some court case that has nothing to do with national security and most of the time is not even news worthy. Ratings worthy maybe, but not news worthy beyond 15 second spot. It is all about ratings 90 percent of the time.

Some hire female contributors who come in low cut blouses and long legs and then begin arguing and debating some foolish topic that makes them sound more like a third world country than America. Whatever happened to one person speaking at a time. I have never seen so much childish high school mentality on the news by news anchors since I was in high school. What are you people thinking, ratings??? Are you even thinking. Get back to doing your job and the news. You're literally putting yourself out of business one day at a time otherwise.

Another problem, these news anchors barely have time to read their own email in-box, let alone investigate the truth on 9/11 or any other subject. Greta Van Susteren is the exception in this group in one respect, Greta is sincere and she is not thinking about her career. The problem is she has never done her own research properly and like the others is trying to stay in the ratings race.

When a country like America dies the autopsy will show we all had a hand in it. Some of us wanted cheaper goods and vehicles so we started slavery again, except this time we did it in another country, China, Taiwan, India and all the rest.

Gang bangers and drugs

Then we stopped making most things we use in America and most of the jobs ended as well because of it. Some of us used drugs or still use drugs saying, "It's OK, I'm not hurting anyone else" But we did hurt someone else." The innocent kids that are killed by the gangs caught in the crossfire, those that overdose, the judges on the take, the judges and law enforcement that are killed. If we create the market by purchasing the drugs then we have become murderers as well.

Not to mention a whole generation of idiots that can't read, or don't care, thinking somehow America owes them something because of the drugs or some affirmative action program that is as old as dirt and is no longer of any worthwhile use. Forced affirmative action at this point in time with a black president in power is a real form of discrimination against all races.

Illegal Immigration

As far as immigration is concerned if you don't want to immigrate legally then go back to the country you came from and break their laws since you have no respect for America's laws. What stupid rock did you crawl out from under anyway to think you deserve anything from America after breaking her laws.

I'm sorry your country is a loser who cannot provide for it's own people. Don't come here illegally and break our laws and then demand that I give you health care and a drivers license and bilingual schools.

Should I should break into your home, rudely wake you from bed and demand that you make me breakfast for free and then demand that you tell me thank you for making you do it. What's the difference? What would you do to me if I broke into your home and did that to you and your family? Most of you would do what I would do. You would shoot that person dead for breaking into your home and the breakfast part of that story would never have a chance of happening in the first place.

You want respect then earn it, obey our laws. It's either that or you must stay in your home country being 100 percent dedicated to your country and then find a way to make it better. If you immigrate here to America then do it legally and then become a real American. Once here be 100 percent dedicated to making America better. If your not willing to defend America, even if it could cost you your life under some circumstances, then your not real American even if you were born here.

If you come to America and wish to remain then start by obeying ours laws and immigrate legally. It's either 100 percent for your home country or its 100 percent for America, no half stepping allowed. You can love your country of your birth and heritage, but if you live in America then you should make America your country above all other loyalties. Then and only then will you understand what it means to be a real American.

There are plenty of Americans that were born here that are worthless communists traitors in my opinion. I would love to replace all of them with serious hard core Mexican, German, Austrian, Japanese, African, Chinese Americans that are truly dedicated to America with all their soul and if necessary their blood. America is not about race but about an ideal and about freedom, or at least it used to be. Yes America has made mistakes regarding race, but she has paid her dues for that and served her time. Race should never be an issue anymore in America. So take the race card issues and grow the hell up, especially you old school politicians. We have no time for race being injected into any conversations. It is about America not race, so stop playing the race card you idiots that do that.

Corrupt and cowardice police officers

Recently especially the last 15 years America has had a string of bad cops painting bull-eyes on the good cops because of their above the law corrupt practices. 70 bullets fired at a former marine who was trying to determine how to defend himself. This was cold blooded murder in my book by means of cowardice. You low life scum's, you gutless wonders what the hell is wrong with you. What in the hell are you doing in law enforcement in the first place if you're that afraid. If you need 70 bullets to kill one innocent man your not worth the one bullet to put you out of your misery.

You need to start protecting and defending the people not yourselves. Some of the laws especially on deadly force may allow you to get away with some these types of killings but really they are not even lawful, only legal. Those laws were created to help protect police from gang banger related shootings in order to allow you to shoot more quickly without fear of civil lawsuits. The law was not created for cowardice police officers so they never have to take a chance. Being a police officer means there are risks. If your a coward go sell Avon and get out of law enforcement.

Every killing (murder) like happened recently with the combat veteran marine destroys your ability to have cooperation and trust with a large part of the population. The saying suicide by cop is law enforcement's badge of shame when you really think about it. The police should have options that prevent that at every deployment possible.

The laws on the books to help police in deadly force situations from a civil suit point of view does not mean 70 bullets you idiots. You have dogs, camera's, robots and you should have above all else a little common sense. Wait whenever you can before using deadly force. If you don't the day will come when someone will just execute you as your sitting down for lunch for a bad deadly force call from the past.

You create yourself far more danger with every wrongful shooting or death you commit. Sooner or later someone might just hire a professional to take vengeance on you for a bad killing. When that occurs you will never have a chance to save yourself. Every bad decision you make puts you in danger and your fellow officer in danger in the future. It undermines the very respect for the police force overall.

Bad cops like these idiots who fired 70 bullets give good cops a bad name and you put good cops in danger. Think first, remember it must always be and I mean always, that deadly force is never used until all lessor means have failed or cannot be reasonably deployed. You must make that effort every-time.

If you cannot do that then you are a coward and I hope karma hunts you down for it and returns you to the dust from which you came. If you need courage find it even if you have to go to the wizard of oz to get it.

We need real police officers with courage, not some idiots trying to prove to themselves they can overcome their fears and become police officers. Go sky diving, mountain repelling, scuba dive with sharks if you have courage issues that need addressing. Do not try to overcome courage or self confidence issues while on the job. Those issues should be solved before you become a police officer.

Being a cop is not a self esteem social experiment for your ego. If your a courage loser, then take a vacation and go fix it. Learn how to shoot well, I have shot with too many police officers on the firing range that had firing groups larger than a watermelon, even at just a mere 15 feet. This occurring even on a slow fire course. I could shoot spitballs with better accuracy at the same range than some of you. I wouldn't want to be within 30 feet of any of these lousy shooters on any rapid fire combat course. You rotten shots know who you are, fix that problem. It is simply mind over matter and about 1,000 rounds shot in one day. Really do it and you will understand.

If your afraid of the weapon you carry, or have a nervous disorder that prevents you from shooting well then find another profession. 1,000 rounds will cure that for 95 percent of you. Spend the money and go shoot for 9 hours straight, bring your lunch and dinner. How some of you police officers graduated when considering how bad some of you shoot still amazes me to this day.

To bad cops what are you going to do when they come for you? They will come sooner or later you know, karma finds everyone sooner or later. To the good cops with common sense thank you for your service. However get rid of these cowardice idiots within your ranks that think they are in a Dirty Harry movie........ PLEASE. The life you save may just be your own.

Yes I'm ranting a little. Why? because most of you need it spelled out for you. Most of you are complacent, stupid, corrupt, or you don't give a damn. Hey, that's OK with me, if that is how you roll that's fine I'm just stating the facts. It is already too late to stop what is coming for America, so keep on doing whatever form of stupid you do.

I'm being quite serious, America is already done, she is already rolling down that hill and it cannot be stopped under any conditions until she crashes. I'm telling you the diagnosis like a doctor would send a dying patient home that no longer has the possibility of a cure.

There is no longer any need to worry about terrorists, America will die soon even if every terrorist on the planet was already in prison. America will die because of you and me. Yes you and me because we let these criminals we elected do what they have done, not to mention the criminal bankers such as the Bilderbergs and all the rest of those corrupt banker gangsters, especially the federal reserve and every banker connected to them.

Lot's of you will say, no you're wrong, America will not die she will recover. Then after that in your anger towards me you will call me a few choice words.

No I'm sorry America will not recover this time, it really is too late. Make peace with your maker while you have time. Prepare your families and your children for the worst case scenarios, because they are coming and it cannot be stopped.

Now for those of you who want to know why America is about to die watch the video above. We are all guilty in some way but the main reason is because most American politicians have become complete liars and cover up artists. In some cases they have become the very murderers themselves. Yet we stupid Americans keep believing them and electing them.

Corrupt politicians, Presidents, and new world order bankers

America is going to die because we the people were complacent, greedy, arrogant and or corrupt. Everyone of us falls in one of those categories. This is going to happen because you and I were sleeping for 20 years while the corrupt elite bankers did what they do best, lie, steal, cheat and rob the American people blind.

Sometimes it is still good to know why your going to die before it happens, it gives closure so to speak. You cannot blame anyone else without assigning blame to yourself as well. None of us are blameless, we are all guilty in some way or another.

One last word: to the corrupt new world planners, what will come to you for your crimes (unless you turn around soon and do the right thing soon), is something that will make the worse horror movie you have ever seen seem like child's play.

NOW GET OVER BEING PISSED OFF AT ME and Watch every second of the two videos. All two hours of them.

Watch every second of the video posted at the top. Prove me wrong, show me how you will save America. Otherwise go back to doing your same old stupid and believe the idiots on the news that lie to you because they forgot how to investigate the truth and do real news reporting, just like many of you. If you are not willing to watch the videos completely and seriously then your a traitor to America.

When your done watching the videos seriously, then you will understand why I'm so pissed off and why you should be too.

Really I being quite serious, you watch your stupid reality shows, Oprah, Judge Judy and all the other bullcrap that you watch. If you cannot find two hours for this serious topic then you are not a real American but a leech, or self serving punk with a business suit and a set of golf clubs. Watch the videos, every minute of them. Hang up your phone and pay attention. When your done watching the videos seriously, then you will understand why I'm so pissed off and why you should be too.

There is one thing that might save America, but it would take a completely united America like America was in world war 2. To me that would take a miracle of major proportions, but short of that type of miracle America has no hope. None, Zero .........
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2473082
United States
10/29/2011 01:10 AM
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Re: America is done: reason stupid, corrupt & complacent Americans: Hello CHINA
I couldn't agree more