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Message Subject Different Strokes for Different Folks.. an open Music thread.
Poster Handle wisc_natureboy
Post Content
Hey bootes... where'd our southern gal go???
seems doodles skated as well verysad ...nah,good for them, hope their life is fulfilling on the real end now...or something...Me? you ask?...lol...I'm drinking whiskey..on the rocks...literally...chilled granite cubes...lol
For the record, ice is easier....we shall try it single malt scotch next go around...in honor of my grandfather, of course...
 Quoting: exiled1

Yeah, I miss 'em too. Doodles was gone for a couple of months but I saw she had logged back on a couple of days ago. I sent her a note. I know Strangela got a job a few months back, but I miss her too. Maybe I'll send her an e-mail.

Exiled, I have no scotch handy, but I will raise a snifter of Canadian Whiskey in honour of your Grandfather.

Here's a lady my Ma recently turned me onto:

[link to www.youtube.com]
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