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Subject do you think that the RICH and FAMOUS SELL THEIR SOULS ?
Poster Handle mike
Post Content
selling might be the wrong word ,maybe giving up their souls or trading them for temporary fame and money vs eternal posession!... over and over and over i read about how this "beautiful" person or that "beautiful" person had someone that they loved die,then suddenly!!!! their fame and fortune is kickstarted again?!?!?! or they werent famous and rich ,then someone they loved died and then "all of a sudden" lo and behold! they become rich and famous!!!,john travolta comes to mind as a good example of what im saying! is this one of those things thats denied by most of us because the truth, its too hard, too ugly to face? are these loved ones being sacrificed to the evil "lord of this world"?!?!?! for $$$$ and whores and earthly fame? sure looks that way to me!!! and we all know who that evil one is.....
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