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Message Subject And speaking of food stamps, how is this ok?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here's a creative idea. Why not make B of A and Wells Fargo and Chase executives, et al, stand in a line with their needy little debit cards keyed right into your diminishing bank account so you can look over their shoulders and approve or disapprove.

Oh, that's right. They're rich and white and multi-lingual (global, you know) live in mansions and have lunch with or own dossiers on YOUR "elected official" those who the unwashed masses only see on teevee.

Let's beat up on the poor and the needy and the disabled and all the other unfortunates from whom they undoubtedly stole from for sport.

If you have enough, be grateful and shut up. If you have more than enough, be grateful and share.

Or, take your peasant mentality back to when there were no Liberals ... the Dark/Middle Ages.
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