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Message Subject The New Age deception
Poster Handle EyesoftheUnholy
Post Content
The funny thing is that "Christianity" and it's related offshoots are themselves a "new age religion" on the grand scale of things.

The reality is no one religion or spiritual path is correct, or they are all correct. The problem is that people take things literally instead of following the parable to it's meaning.

People forget that religious texts are written for a specific people in a specific time and location, and use folklore and mythology from said location/time to explain to said people something in terms they would understand.

Not for us.
 Quoting: nomind 904314

Exactly. Everyone who sticks to certain teching is wrong.
And new age in not a religion/teaching, it`s a mix of varying philosophies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 428255

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