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Premonition? Psychic?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1439552
United States
06/29/2011 02:49 AM
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Premonition? Psychic?
This is 100% true story.

DISCLAIMER: I don't believe in psychics, people being able to see the future, talk to the dead, blah blah blah. MOST are nothing more than con artists, a few actually believe they have a 'gift', but are, imho, delusional. However, occasionally, weird shit does happen, like this:

Whitey Bulger was caught this past week. I was awake when the news he was caught started being reported on the East Coast [around midnight]. At 11:30 PM I had logged onto my laptop and suddenly thought of Bulger and the FBI's 10 most wanted. I couldn't get it out of my head to the point I went to the FBI site to check it out. Sure enough, there he was [it hadn't been updated at this point]. I read it, and meditated on this guy and how he's been 'missing' for 15 years, etc., Then I went on to other things and basically put it out of my mind. About 20 minutes later I first heard Bulger was caught in Santa Monica.

DISCLAIMER II: I did not hear, read, or watch on tv [didn't watch any tv that day] ANYTHING about Whitey Bulger prior to this happening. News he was caught didn't hit the internet, radio until midnight at the earliest in the East. He held no particular interest for me, I wasn't obsessed with his story, and for him to pop into my head like that, at that time, was very unusual. I'm positive I didn't hear, read, or watch anything about him for a long time prior to 11:30 PM that night.


My grandma told me and others an interesting story:

BACKGROUND: My grandma immigrated to America at the outbreak of WW2 from Ireland. She was 17 years old. Her Mom and family were afraid of the war and thought she'd be better off in America. She travelled on an oceanliner that took a few weeks to reach NYC because it had to zig zag to avoid mines and German subs.

She was all alone, no family or friends. She was to live with an aunt, whom when she reached America, was less than kind to her. She told me she was very lonely, sad, unhappy and homesick for a while.

She had been in America [NYC] for a year and a half at this point, working as a nanny in Manhattan and on Long Island in the summer months, when one night she dreamed of her mom. She saw her mom as she remembered her, just standing there and smiling at her, saying nothing. But some inner voice said to her don't worry, everything is OK. She woke up very upset and cried. But got up and went to work. That afternoon she got a telegram [that's how it was done those days I guess] saying her mom had died the day before.

But there's more to the story:

Many years after she told me this I discovered from other family that her mom, my great grandma, committed, being despondent over her husbands death the year before, and being left with young children and poor finances. My grandma never told me or anyone else she had killed herself. She said she died of a heart attack [she actually drowned herself].

So, maybe....maybe there's something to all this psychic BS. I can't explain it rationally.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 1439552
United States
06/29/2011 02:52 AM
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Re: Premonition? Psychic?
CORRECTION: That should say 'committed suicide'