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The black death and the Human condition.

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06/29/2011 06:41 PM
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The black death and the Human condition.
"How did men and women react to the plague? What was their response? You would expect those who remained to join together for mutual support. What happened was the exact opposite. The plague forced people to run from one another. Lawyers refused to witness wills, doctors refused to help the sick, priests did not hear confessions, parents deserted children, and husbands deserted their wives. In the words of the Pope's physician, "charity was dead." Boccaccio tells us that "various fears and notions were begotten in those who remained alive . . . namely, to shun and flee from the sick and all that pertained to them, and thus doing, each thought to secure immunity for himself."

**This could very well be the highest level of desperation we can experience. Driving you mad, Shattering your morals and faith. Completely broken. This fear lingers and is very real.

"One German observer wrote that "men and women wandered around as if mad and let their cattle stray because no one had any inclination to concern themselves about the future."
[link to www.historyguide.org]

Everything that makes this world burn is rooted in this condition and its main component is fear. We live in it, we perceive this reality through it. It's ultimately what makes this reality this reality. People are even afraid to admit. Afraid to question what they have been told to believe. Afraid of being poor, Afraid of being nothing.. It all births greed,lusty,envy. Whatever else. The drive to survive in a nutshell is the human condition.

People throughout history have demonstrated the ability to ascend past this drive and replace it with the contentment of just existing.. This is why the human condition is important. With out this, there would be no desire to seek higher understanding and compassion.

This is something to think about it.. And for the ones that do, I wish all you all the best..