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Message Subject Disney's Ducktales Says "Ask About Illuminati"
Poster Handle Whiskey Brother
Post Content
Okay, both with one post here...

German dude,
The RH negative blood types can not even reproduce without injecting something. This proves that from an evolutionary standpoint, they should have stopped inbreeding, and died out by now. How can such a weak race of beings have any control over us? Basically we are talking, hairless apes, with a penchant for sticking pointy sticks into not only each other, but other living things too, and apes usually eat lizards for breakfast and afternoon snack.

Original poster,

"Materialize"??? Djinns??? I know for a fact that magic demons have as much power over me as magic water and magic beads from the Catholic Church do.

The power of the MIND blows wizards and demon magic powers right out of the water. Use your mind, not your imagination, so that no one has power over you but YOU!!!
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