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I want to sacrifice myself to the greater good

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User ID: 1226659
United States
06/30/2011 03:52 PM
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I want to sacrifice myself to the greater good
The deteriorating reactors in Fukushima are going to destroy Japan and many thousands of lives around that area are going to be cut short to painful fatal cancers. The effects will last tens of thousands of years. Russia mobilized 500,000 people to get Chernobyl under control. But I do not see anything like this mobilization in Japan. Being a free society perhaps the government there feels that it cannot force people into the clean up operation. The work that needs to be done is firmly in the category of suicide missions. But if nothing is done the whole island nation of Japan will have committed suicide.

I have no family of my own and all I do is take care of myself. My life is not worth anymore than any of your lives. I would sign up for shovel work if they could get enough people to volunteer to make a difference. I would not like to sacrifice myself for nothing. I feel a personal responsibility to this mess because I have been a proponent of nuclear power and never really believed something like this could happen.

All I ask for in return is euthanasia should radiation sickness be too great to cure or treat. I even have money for the plane ticket. I don't speak Japanese. I am not in very good physical shape so I would require some body building to make an effective digger if there is even time for that.

Japan is running out of time very quickly.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1429588
06/30/2011 04:01 PM
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Re: I want to sacrifice myself to the greater good
Well if you are depressive enough to kill yourself. Nice of you for not taking any people with you by shooting off some school or something similar like that. Instead you are choosing to sacrifice yourself.

If you dont have anything to live for anymore and you think this is youre 'destiny' so to say. Go for it.

I dont think there is much to a sacrifice aslong as you keep in mind you are doing it for Japan and it's people.

However its a hard step to take. And chances are big you wont even do it. So if you're truly planning on doing it, just DO it.