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Subject Former British gov't intell, Nick Pope, says that video "UFO mothership and fleet over London" is a HOAX.
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content
Nick Pope, who worked for 21 years at the British Government's Ministry of Defence, talks about the viral video "UFO mothership and fleet over London UK 24th June 2011" and considers it to be one of the 3 biggest UFO hoaxes of 2011:

I guess he nailed it when he told that the street block where the footage was recorded is a nest of CGI studios and video makers.

This guy is a classic shill disinfo but he just said the obvious about viral fake UFO videos being spread all over the internet, to discredit the subject.

The "second angle" of the UFO fleet video over London, actually looks pretty much fake:

The original one is hard to tell, though. If he hadn't said anything about that location, this video would pass as authentic.
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