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Deadlier Whooping Cough Epidemic Likely Caused By Vaccine

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United States
07/01/2011 03:33 PM
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Deadlier Whooping Cough Epidemic Likely Caused By Vaccine
The whooping cough epidemic is receiving a big “ahem” in the media but we’re not hearing the whole story. There is probable reason to believe that the new virulent strain is a result of the pertussis vaccine, yet the blame for the spread is directed at those who won’t vaccinate.

More alarming, is the very recent call for pregnant women to run out and receive a whooping cough vaccine booster during their late second to third trimester.

Why? Because the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices says so. They believe the immunity will pass on to their unborn children before they will have to receive it within two months of their birth. They also want teens and adults nearby the newborn to receive the vaccine to form a family “cocoon” of immunity. The panel also voted to recommend that babies receive a bacterial meningitis vaccine within nine months of birth.

~Health Freedoms

Whooping Cough Epidemic Caused by Virulent New Pertussis Strain—And It’s the Result of Vaccine

more [link to 12160.info]