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Hawaii Mystery Halo Bubble Solved (FYI)

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07/02/2011 09:23 AM
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Hawaii Mystery Halo Bubble Solved (FYI)

Just an FYI, tying up loose ends and whatnot :P LOVE YOU GLP~

I'm afraid this story checks out 100%... So, we can just tuck this one in and lay it to rest... ^.~

CNN - California Missile Test Launch June 22, 2011:
[link to www.cnn.com]

KCOY.com articles:

'Missile Launch Scheduled at VAFB' June 20, 2011:
"Posted: Jun 20, 2011 10:24 AM MST
Updated: Jun 20, 2011 10:24 AM MST
VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE - An unarmed operational test of the Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile is scheduled to launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base between 3:01 and 9:01 a.m. on June 22.

The missile's single unarmed re-entry vehicle is expected to travel approximately 4,200 miles to a pre-determined target near the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. Col. David Bliesner, 576th FLTS commander and mission director says, "These launches provide valuable information on the missile's effectiveness in its intended operational environment."

The entire ICBM community, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy, will use the data collected from this mission for continuing force development evaluation."
[link to www.kcoy.com]

'Minuteman Missile Launched' - June 22, 2011:
"Posted: Jun 22, 2011 7:20 AM MST
Updated: Jun 22, 2011 7:35 AM MST
VANDENBERG A.F.B. - Vandenberg Air Force Base launched an unarmed Minuteman III missile just before 6:40 this morning.

The unarmed missile traveled 4,200 miles meeting It's target in the Marshall Islands.

Defense officials will use the data collected from the launch to ensure the readiness and capability of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Fleet."
[link to www.kcoy.com]

This event is now filed under CFHT (Canada-France-Hawaii Telecsope)'s "Best of Videos" Section on their site with this line: "Atmospheric flare from a Minuteman ICBM launched from California towards the Marshall Islands (thanks Ichi Tanaka)"
[link to www.cfht.hawaii.edu]

Annnnnd to see how an ICBM Minuteman III Launch goes down from start to fin:
[link to www.youtube.com]