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Message Subject A Brief Explanation from a Metaphysical Perspective on How Rules Give Us Freedom or How Boundaries Set Us Free
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It would appear based on casual observation that certain concepts and the physical items and people associated with them have a particular energy vibration that can resonate with a living human and enable them to have power and understanding from the experience of their interaction.

However, left unguided it is unlikely that this energy, whose own nature tends towards chaos, noise, and disorganization, is likely to very often reach the vibratory preconditions necessary to resonate with these structures more often than chance.

I think it is the duty of society to provide the structures which promote the harmony of energy with the long-known life sustaining powers and to enable citizens to take the pathways that lead them to resonance with these structures.

To help envision what I am talking about, remember that boundaries can be thought of as areas of rapid change in the structure of energy... energy and information having a one-to-one relationship, one can think of the boundaries of the cell wall, for example, as empowering the freedom of the processes of the cell to maintain life.

Similarly, the rules and boundaries of society, when properly constructed and enacted, empower the freedom of the creative faculties of mankind to grow human capacity and advance civilization.
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