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Message Subject A Brief Explanation from a Metaphysical Perspective on How Rules Give Us Freedom or How Boundaries Set Us Free
Poster Handle riderr
Post Content
Great IQ Op.I kinda understand,at first I thought you were talking about the restictions of world travel,visa,passports ect.Which keep people apart,and can effect the person freq,say like in a twin flame situation,where one is there and the other in another country ect
 Quoting: riderr

I am more talking about energy principles that relate to theories on good government... which we don't see very much of these days, so the whole concept of authority and rules has kind of gotten a bad wrap in this day and age, but the theory of law and how to best apply it has been one of the major contributors to human development up to this time.

Like many other things, our own machinations have turned on us! It's like Skynet or HAL, society in general at times depending on where and who you are. damned
 Quoting: Least Servant

Your very smart.I think I may have also been on that topic,on a diffrent level.Govt,passport,visa,restricted.But you are about good Govt,and Law.

I do agree,the laws are not good.That laws can be good.
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