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Message Subject I am a rich Mexican Drug Lord in the Sinaola Cartel and want to buy GLP, $200k is chump change
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I will track all of the derogatory remarks to Mexicans and MAKE THEM PAY!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1421828

Will you supply free drugs to your loyal minions? If so, I'll sell out and be a minion. I wont kill anyone though, even at gunpoint or worse, but i can track down all them anti mexi posts that you are so angry about. Hell, why stop at GLP, with the right mix of minions, you could go and get some other sites in the shitter so that their owners have to sell as well. Then the Sinaola Cartel will control most of the alternative media sites. There are bigger and gander ideas here in my little minion brain, but I can only reveal them once i'm YOUR minion, and only in person so that you can claim all credit for the ideas. Think of it as the realization of the Sinoala Cartel's manifest destiny.
 Quoting: Anonnie Moose 1457260

Meet me at the Alamo at midnight, we will discuss further... I need a good DeVry tech around to help me track the posts of those who PISS ME OFF the most.
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