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Message Subject Another Nibiru Story from Space.com Posted Today!!! Entitled :Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth's End
Poster Handle Technopolistanding
Post Content
I think overall, Elenin has kind of taken over without going to the extreme of having a body crashing into earth but more like something which is going to create a massive solar eclips that could last days and that's not good for us - At this time we won't hardly have any defence mechnism - earth will affected if the shield are down.

There is a lot of contrevarsy here and the fact that Nasa is keeping quite about it but are monitoring it very closely doesn't imply any trust. Could it be Elenin, Nibiru, another solar system, a fleet of ET, who the fuck knows.I suppose the message that is coming out from all that is for those who wants the truth to find it and let the general populass believe there is nothing to worry about and all is hanky dory...

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