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Message Subject Disclosure people are on Mars Now, Reverse Engineering Alien Technology 9 Top Remote Viewers trained by the MIL agree! With Verifiable evidence.
Poster Handle 2342
Post Content
i imagine the inhabitants would be despondent if they had no idea what was really happening.

kinda sounds like right here on earth, doesn't it?

yeah, inngo said some interesting stuff. getting seen by the naked ones, the enormous lighting system. all on the dark side...of the moon.

 Quoting: tinygreenac

It reminds me of the movie Total Recall
 Quoting: 2342

i know i've seen that movie, but don't remember much about it.
 Quoting: tinygreenac

In the Movie, mars has old Ancient Pyramids over a million years old and they don't know what they do. At the end, when Arnold presses the button (sound familiar) The huge Pyramid creates an atmosphere by releasing a plasma ray.
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