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Message Subject Disclosure people are on Mars Now, Reverse Engineering Alien Technology 9 Top Remote Viewers trained by the MIL agree! With Verifiable evidence.
Poster Handle 2342
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This should be pinned. pnrqst

If accurate, I would suspect the dome is part of a system to terraform the planet, there could be large amounts of water under the surface of Mars.
 Quoting: Least Servant

Most of the Remote Viewers agreed to the following

Some of the parts are missing to the Dome.

And the inhabitants do not fully understand the technology.

Most Remote Viewers agree they are Artificial.

Enormous power generating technology.

It is a hardship assignment and the inhabitants can not go home.
 Quoting: 2342

That doesn't mean the people who are there now are SUPPOSED to be there... tounge
 Quoting: Least Servant

i don't disagree.

Here is a break down of the Photo.

[link to www.marsanomalyresearch.com]
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