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Message Subject Disclosure people are on Mars Now, Reverse Engineering Alien Technology 9 Top Remote Viewers trained by the MIL agree! With Verifiable evidence.
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I bet the people working there were not volunteers. That's why they are despondent. They are abducted and stranded on Mars to do a job.

Another remote viewer on GLP had a thread where he was talking about the deep underground military bases being full of prisoner scientists doing genetic experimentation. I imagine the Mars 'colonists' are in a similar situation. Highly skilled and highly educated people, abducted and forced into scientific slavery trying to crack the secrets of the advanced ancient technologies they found on Mars.

It pisses me off that the technology exists to take us to Mars on advanced spacecraft, probably reverse engineered UFO's or top secret space planes like the TAW-50 and we in the general public are still getting daily news about NASA and the retiring 30 year old space shuttle, who gives a flying crap about that flying crap. I want to know about the real space program.

If the scientists on Mars are there against their will, that's just sad, there are plenty of people who would jump at the chance to volunteer for a mission like that. I would. I guess I don't have the skills they are looking for and the people they need probably have families and a life and little interest in going all the way to Mars for years at a stretch and possibly never coming back because its all so very top secret that nobody on earth must ever be allowed to know what they found except for the top military brass and the wealthy elite in the globalist shadow government.
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