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Message Subject Disclosure people are on Mars Now, Reverse Engineering Alien Technology 9 Top Remote Viewers trained by the MIL agree! With Verifiable evidence.
Poster Handle tinygreen
Post Content
Over a dozen top Remote Viewers trained by our own military have proven without a shadow of a doubt there is life on Mars now and so are we.

9 Remote Viewers

With over a decade of extensive training

Extensive and Verified track record for nearly all views

Solo and Blind sessions

24 sessions 17 with a clarity of 3 * 3 is as good as it gets.

CRV group led by Lyn Buchanan (DIA)

HRVG group led by Glen Wheaton (Special Forces)

At 11.27 of the video, Sketches from the RV sessions show what the inside of the dome looks like.

[link to www.farsight.org]
 Quoting: 2342

I don't know about this military remote viewers. Ed Dames failed with his last predication. Atlantis landed its final mission without any problems.
 Quoting: Lucky11

meh, ed dames. these are a different group of people. did you watch the video? really interesting stuff. and it's mars, the planet with it's own weirdness. just it's two moons, phobos and demos are a total trip. ohyeah
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