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Message Subject Disclosure people are on Mars Now, Reverse Engineering Alien Technology 9 Top Remote Viewers trained by the MIL agree! With Verifiable evidence.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

What's wrong you can't read?
 Quoting: 2342

Self verification by fucking nutbags is evidence of nothing.

sorry to be so blunt
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1499541

Relax, or don't.

Your calling the Military personnel with years of research nutbags?

There is photographic evidence that was used to back up the Remote Viewers claims, "Which by the way are the top RV'ers of their field."

This isn't the Dames controlled OP kill shot fear mongering media.

Your entitled to your own opinion even if it is ignorant.
 Quoting: 2342

I'll give you another chance.

Can you give VERIFIABLE evidence.....

A list of guys who used to be in the military is nothing of the kind.

When a group of people get together that have had experiences that they did not understand for any number of reasons they can be easily steered into believing just about anything and being in the military has no bearing at all on the phenomena

The sensationalizing and embellishment of "credentials" and "work" just are counter productive......they shut peoples ears quickly.

facts are fairly easy to review and don't give a rats ass about their "cred"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1499541

In order to understand this, you should do some research to see just what is involved in the whole RV program of the military.

It's a pretty serious business.
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