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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

you have a great weekend yourself!!hfbut I think Duran Duran Friday isn't for a couple weeks??1dunno1its ok...this timelmao(yeah i dont know what i am doing either)peace

any who, where were we??rockon

 Quoting: Angelseverywhere

okay then...I'll wait on Duran Duran for this weekend. Your confusing me Exiled...come on lol...here's something sexy then...it that okay for this Friday? chuckle

 Quoting: exiled1

Well, you see I am usually alone in here( sometimes aruna stops by, shes pretty cool). -so I decided tonight,a few posts up, to declare it George Michael Fridaylmao... got to stick with it now..but since its usually pretty empty in here I suppose we can make an exception or twopeaceThanks for coming byhfI confuse myself often too!

maybe i should have made a special thread for george??? -nahlolsign

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