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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok I got up waaay too early today...awoken by some dude purchasing my riding mower this morning( morning for me)...why do people show up way earlier than they say?? I hate that, mainly due to the fact I am never ready...I was asleep, in the middle of a magical dream with this mystical woman who wanders into my thoughts..phones ringing , doorbells ringing, knocking, holy crap dude - calm the f down!!!!horn

If I say i will be there around 12:30, you'll be lucky to see me by 1...seems most others show up like an hour early...many get angry when people aren't 'on time'...I don't know, time has never really been important to me, luckily I don't punch a clock, I suppose...sorry all of you who get all uptight waiting for me...peace

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