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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Driving home tonight I witnessed a peculiar thing..It was raining out, but not really the point here. I was driving through this suburban area, down a house lined paved 2 lane road. The speed limit was 45 mph, but I was traveling at a bit slower pace due to the amount of water passing over road. All of a sudden, I came upon this large pale creature. It was right off the shoulder, standing in the ditch, eating grass. I slowed down, looked over at it. There it was, this big white horse just eating grass in the ditch right off the shoulder. He looked at me momentarily, kind of shrugged, and then commenced to eating. I drove on for about a half mile then it hit me, what the hell is a horse doing there?? I turned around immediately. Did I actually see a large white horse at 4:45 am on a rainy morning, grazing on the side of a main thoroughfare? As it turns out, yes, yes I did. I passed him and turned around once more. This time I stopped directly in road, right next to him. I had to investigate this a bit more closely. He really wasn't startled by me but after a few minutes he looked at me again and then walked forward out of the ditch. He then proceeded up this persons driveway...I didn't follow...
I hope he made it home OK

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