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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Feeling very out of synch for the past couple days, maybe it began earlier, I don't really know. Thought it might be the moon coming in, but it usually doesn't bring me down, always a welcome distraction. Have a lot hanging over me, have for years now. Thought one would get used to it by now...
Last night driving home with the waxing moon taking up a good portion of my windshield, something just didn't feel right. Stopped by my old house to find I was officially locked out, finally. Long, long time coming.

My neighbor called me tonight at work to tell me the remaining articles left in house were now on my driveway(actually the governments driveway now). This really bothered me for some reason. Not certain as to why, I grabbed everything I had wanted and had Habitat for Humanity come for the rest(most of it). They actually stopped loading the truck at one point, said they had other stops and couldn't take no more, I had already taken the place of three stops...tried to get others out there, but apparently they are too busy to come on short notice, I guess it goes to waste..
Left work early tonight, had to go check it out, I don't know why...was very angry the entire drive, just felt cheated in so many ways, on so many levels...
As I turned on my street I took notice of the new sign they installed a couple weeks ago, directly under the street name...Dead End. -seems to fit...I continued up the short incline, my house is the last one on this short road, located at the top of the hill. The abandoned items came into view as I approached. They had it pretty neatly confined up at the top of drive, but did notice they took special care to break most items....
To my surprise most of the negative feelings I had accumulated over the past couple days seemed to dissipate. Almost a sense of relief. Its still a bit sad, I spent the last twelve years there, many things experienced under that roof, many not good, not good at all, recently, but it wasn't always that way...I have some precious memories of times in that place, that will forever be a part of me...and for this, I am very thankful.

Any way, it's over, at least that nightmare chapter...I am sure I will have to deal with the banks suing me and all that nonsense, but that shits just money...I'll fight them every step of the way(I'm a Scorpio, it's what we do), but emotionally, I don't give a damn about that side of things. It is officially time to move the fuck on...

And, Oh yeah, It's Friday, I am only in the middle of a two week run here at work, so no time off for me, but you kids enjoy yourself...don't let it get awaywoohoo

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