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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I officially hate my 'new' car, and I think it doesn't care too much for me...wrecked it, again...lol...no shit...can one get a lemon law suit going on grounds that their car can't stay the 'f' away from accidents??..starting to make me look bad..might even get a citation this time...he was going to decide after reviewing my driving record, yeah that should go over well:rollseyes:

nah I have a good record since the new millennium...before that, well, it was the '90's...:rollseyes::rollseyes::rollseyes:

Pretty certain by the time officer got to me he was tired of writing tickets...at least 20 vehicles, I seen 6 cars pile up after I got off the road and onto median...no ice, no fog, nothing...just people slamming into each other..wonder if traffic cams caught any of this?? probably pretty cool to watch, if one wasn't involved, that is...at least no ambulances on scene, that was good...

-also starting to think air bags don't work, have yet to see them deploy..

Friday for me(sorta)...I canceled tonights work...had to chance driving POS car home, wasn't going to attempt driving it all the way to work, and then home again...hell, had to rip out dangling headlight assembly...hoods all rolled under, etc...might be repercussions for that(missing work), as well, if 'they' catch wind...lets hope nothing happens where as 'they' find out I am not present and accounted for...:shhhhh:

Ok car, don't really hate, youhf...perhaps I might have had a bit of a hand in this last one...perhaps1dunno1

-first I have to research a bit more into the 'silent recall' for transmission on this thing...no reason at speed I was going that it shouldn't have stopped immediately..that's my story and I am sticking to it..does seem to be something to this theory though...the car revs at a start for no apparent reason often...

I promise to start driving as someone of my age, more defensive or whatever oldies call it, there was a reason I didn't buy that Buell 1190RS earlier..I know my limitations, as having none...

my unbreakable theory is still in tact...for now..

Hey, it's officially Friday,(now, been on the phone for hours) for all!! I have to work all weekend, but for the rest of you...Yay!
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