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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
NOPE, sorry. it's CATURDAY!!


 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6685296

quit being such a pussypeace

any way, keeping in pace with my life full of misadventure...I did mention crashing my new car for the second time last week??...yeah probably, any way, didn't like the rental I picked up last week(Chevy sedan with Georgia plates,wtf) -so Wednesday night they finally got a car in to switch out(apparently they sent a bunch east due to storms recently)...I ran up there, late as hell for work(like usual1dunno1) and commenced to switching out all my belongings(I carry ALOT of crap around with me)...thought I got it all.
When I arrived home early next morning I walked up to door, pulled out my keys, and it hit me...I forgot to take my house key off the other vehicles keyring. I had given my youngest son the spare some time ago and forgot to make another copy. I was kinda screwed. It was 5am so no going to retrieve my key just yet...sat and watched the water for a few but it was a bit chilly...ended up finding an all night diner, ate a breakfast that i wasn't really hungry for, drank 10 cups of coffee and finally i could go get my key...didn't get much sleep yesterday...

On the positive side, the new car is pretty cool. A 2013 Ford Edge Limited(only 67 miles on it when I picked it up)...you name it, its got it..Heated leather seats, the monitor turns into a big wide angle pic of the rear view while backing up...I just tell it what temperature, what radio station, etc...and she sets you up. She is a bit feisty at times(the woman who talks to me, she wouldn't tell me her name), but I like thatkitty She and I will be driving together for the next couple weeks, I think it will work out just fine..

But enough about all that, the world seems to be falling apart for the moment...It'll come back around, until then, at least it's Fridaypeace...

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