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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
so I was awoken this afternoon(work nights, so I sleep days) by one of the 'big guys' in a company I represent..

forgot to turn off bluetooth headset early this morning(listen to music through phone while hanging outside watching sunrise most mornings), also forgot to turn off pandora app...

I usually wouldn't answer at this time, but when these guys call, its usually best I do...

So, removed phone from dock, clicked on phone button to answer, couldn't hear anything...soon realized bluetooth was on and it was going through my earbuds, wherever they might be...thinking 'somewhat' fast(still half asleepsleeping), I turned off bluetooth...by this time he had already hung up. He quickly called back...stupid bluetooth apparently turns itself back on, this time, I turned off BT immediately...but then, Pandora started playing music through my phonewtf

I still couldn't hear him...I stated into phone I will call back in a moment, and quickly hung up...after all, Tool was jamming 'Prison Sex', quite loudly...I doubt he is much of a fanheadbang

I called back, he didn't mention anything about the music, or other troubles I was having attempting to answer, all turned out well...I thinkrockon

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