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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
hey aether!!

perhaps the wisest of souls on this little site...while i do not respond too often, on your threads, I have taken notice..

-admittedly some are hard to read...painful as Shakespeare...lol..to me...pick

-but nonetheless, there is always good information to ingest there...

I haven't noticed SS(sos), or whatever he goes by lately, I do hope he is still wandering these halls...a definite positive figure in this community...
I did see a picture of his wife once...damn lucky man, on all accountspeace

-sorry sos, if I have offended, wasn't the point, by any means...hf

just never sure how things will be read, interweb wise...not the same as actual human contact..a downfall, but overall, a blessing..i would have never encountered such intellect otherwise...

Thank youcheershf

OK it took me forever to figure out why it wouldn't let me post this...turns out SS's full name is banned?? Is he banned?

If so, why??

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