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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I call bullshit, and demand reparations!!!

Hey Trinity, and others(mods)...if he is banned from this site, you have done yourselves a great disservice...

Yeah he might not be all racist, guntard, full of hate, etc... but the knowledge he brings supersedes any agenda you might put forth!

not that I'm knocking any amendment(constitution), but all in moderation people..calm the fuck down already...nothing is accomplished by rash reactions...nothing..nothing but more trouble, that is...wtf

We will not succeed in any platform like this...you have to realize all this. There is no movement forward, without rational thought..lose the herd mentality...stampeding only brings death, for all sides.

You will not lose your rights, presented properly...there are those, still, with power, that agree with you...calm the fuck down

-just sayin'hf

OK, off that rant, on to another...

I remember hearing this live..Ted used to do a week long DJ stint on WRIF, a local radio station here, just before deer hunting season opened. I was heading out one early fall morning to pour a basement. It's what I did, regardless of weather...but this morning wasn't too bad...Ted made it betterrose
yes, he goes over the top a couple times here, that's Ted...and I mean no disrespect, for ones that are against hunting, in any of its aspects..especially one special soulrose

I did have the fortunate encounter, with Ted, a couple times...still have his personally autographed book here..it's titled "God, Guns, 'N' Rock and Roll"...

he is a good man, deep down...trust me...perhaps a bit horndog though...maybe driven more by his human side, than soul, but he does possess(is it just me, or does that seem like way to many s's?) a good soul...just sayin, ted...lol

No matter what you think of hunting, the nature will call you on this onepeace

Fred Bear..RIP, brotherhf
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