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Message Subject It's Friday Bitches!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In case I haven't said it yet:


Was raining here in Michigan, quite gloomy yesterday.

Now, After the Rain, we have a dusting of snow:

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: KoFFee_

Merry Christmas Koffee!!hf

yes, the snow, it was falling!!!

-kept seeing a thread on here, telling me to set my clock back...it's only noon, yet people are calling me asking me why I am not at work yet??? whats up with that?? -didn't they get the memo? -certainly gets dark early on, these days1dunno1peace

 Quoting: exiled1

*that is my favorite christmas song..

If you get the chance to see TSO's Christmas show in person, please do...that song is but one act in an entire show, it is quite awesome, especially if you love music..the story, well, incredibly inspired...hf

good for the entire family...

I first heard about it from a local DJ who was friends with some of the members(Savatage), I have witnessed it grow into quite a spectacle...as word has spread. the effects now are worth it alone...they now have quite a budget..They even make it snow indoors now...thumbs

I still remember the first year we went, it was at the Fox theatre, an amazing place to catch any show...we were in the balcony, the crowd was still a bit sparse at this early time in the shows career.

I forget what song they were in the middle of, but Chris briefly disappeared from the stage...next thing you know he is up on the balcony with us, just jamming...he than sat down right next to me and continued playing his guitar..my young sons were awestruck, so was I...eventually he got up, shook our hands and went back to stage and continued to rock..good times

Now they're too big for all that, but still an awesome showrose

-and the Christmas act is only half the show..worth the money, trust me..peace

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