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?THE 3 gods of the mahabarata ; YAHWEH ,ID AND JEHOVA ?

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07/09/2011 05:04 PM
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?THE 3 gods of the mahabarata ; YAHWEH ,ID AND JEHOVA ?
does anybody know about 3 gods that came to the physical plane named ;Yahweh, Id, and Jehova i got this from ramtha/jz knight audio's (ramtha is a suposed channel)
it's also described in the mahabarata
3 gods in 3 cities above earth
although all expressions of god
Yahweh was the 'good' god
Id the 'neutrall' one
and Jehova the 'evil' one

well Id's people have been wiped out according to ramtha.

Yahweh recides in the pleiadeis and was responsible for bringing the soul of christ (maitreya) to earth
because after christ , Love, so says ramtha, was the most important emotion to be have been connected to god ( or to see god as love)
and jehova.....is the supreme lord of the draco's as told by ramtha and taught men fear pain anger yada yada

Jehova is responsible for all this religious and freemason illumi bullcrap thats been going on for so long beacause he rules the draco's and yahweh and jehova are gonna battle it out so it seems somewhere after 2012 (ofcourse)

jehova was also said to be responsible for desctruction of the planet melona/lucifer (?maldek?) located between mars and earth!? , and used the (hey) !ark of the covennant! to directly speak his will to his followers also having super atomic laser weapons to destroy civilizations even after atlantis somewhere near the red sea (red sea was a tropical sea before this weapon was fired apperantly)!!!!
the great flood !!also jehova , indeed by rain
because in this time the earth was almost totally covered by clouds stuck in some (atmos)sphere and the laser weapon was used to destroy this layer ,wich also explains why radio carbon dating isent always so exact, ofcourse because
no radiation from the suns rays hit earth for a long period of time making leaving no radiation to carbon date
!!!hey!!! dino - humanoid encounters possible for example

for those that dont know ramtha ,to some it may not be so alluring to watch ramtha at first untill 120 min of the above comes by
then im all ears the audio's are bundled dont know where to get i have them but it's simply called ramtha - Yahweh - Jehova find me (if u can ) and ille up em somewhere with patience ( never rapidshare upped nothing before )