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***Space.com mentions Nibiru!*** THEY ARE LISTENING!!

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07/09/2011 06:27 PM
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***Space.com mentions Nibiru!*** THEY ARE LISTENING!!
LINK: [link to www.space.com]

From the article:

The waxing obsession with Nibiru, which conspiracy theorists say is a planet swinging in from the outskirts of our solar system that is going to crash into Earth and wipe out humanity in 2012 or, in some opinions, 2011 shows that an astonishing number of people "are watching YouTube videos and visiting slick websites with nothing in their skeptical toolkit," in the words of David Morrison, a planetary astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center and senior scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute.


I don't believe it is a planet.. this is a comet. Ofcourse this is my personal opinion though!

Read the article and enjoy!

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