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***Space.com mentions Nibiru!*** THEY ARE LISTENING!!

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United States
07/09/2011 06:27 PM
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***Space.com mentions Nibiru!*** THEY ARE LISTENING!!
LINK: [link to www.space.com]

From the article:

The waxing obsession with Nibiru, which conspiracy theorists say is a planet swinging in from the outskirts of our solar system that is going to crash into Earth and wipe out humanity in 2012 — or, in some opinions, 2011 — shows that an astonishing number of people "are watching YouTube videos and visiting slick websites with nothing in their skeptical toolkit," in the words of David Morrison, a planetary astronomer at NASA Ames Research Center and senior scientist at the NASA Astrobiology Institute.


I don't believe it is a planet.. this is a comet. Ofcourse this is my personal opinion though!

Read the article and enjoy!

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