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Message Subject Fuck That Whore That Bore Us
Poster Handle Mnemosyne Lethe
Post Content
6 HARDENED nipples softly grazing, pressing firm.
2 The kissing.
3 Hands upon shoulders, hands upon shoulders, requited pulling.
4 The kissing.
5 Requited releasing, prideful cheeks touch.
6 Without words lips move, gently tickling skin.
7 Passion's thank you upon her knees.
8 Lips, cheeks, hands embracing.
9 The kissing.
10 Tilted head, hair falling upon face.
11 The kiss.
12 If only in dreams.
13 Another kiss.
14 Visions of you are real.
15 Just one more kiss.
16 Upon your entrance into the room.
17 And just.
18 Just one more kiss.
19 Just before parting.
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