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Message Subject *** Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth's End ***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Trinity ran thread months before Gulf of Mexico havoc that stated he had bought all the survival gear available over the term of a decade or more. Felt very disappointed over what he had done....

I replied that as one of the original sellers of survival books in 1972 and publisher later on, that I could almost guarantee that he had done the right thing. Well as that GOM event went down (and still is) my thoughts turned to the millions of victims murdered by those who caused it.

This also told me the forces of evil had arrived as they worked to stop ANYONE from just out taking photo's, that Kodak moment was going to mark the beginning of the end to the average Joe. The signs had already been shown in wide open skies to me in summer of 1999 with the X's left in the former blue skies, as multi-huge jet planes openly painted their poisons. There was huge outside wedding going on 500 feet away, and when none of the smartly dressed bodies had detected what was going on above.

Just as they are getting ready to do again, soon. I've learned that todays humans have allowed themselves to be
made fat for the coming slaughter over the last 20 years, by there Genetic Engineered feed lot, just like cattle. Or this could be done by clevor enemies, to make larger targets and /or to slow it down at round-up.
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