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Message Subject *** Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth's End ***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well I suppose you all live under a rock. The earthquake activity and pole shift alone should wake you guys up that "something" is affecting our planet and it's not Al Gore.

I lived in the same location for 20 years and the sun always set behind the farmer's silo across the street. Last year and a half, it's been setting way north past the barn. The pole shifting is a proven fact so no need to discuss further. Also living here 20 years, I never seen 2 tornadoes within one year in my area like this year. We have not hat a tornado here in many years actually until recently.

Both times the pole has shifted a mysterious "comet" aligns with us and the sun (AKA ELEnin) and this is also a fact.

I have no "proof" that a comet or planet, or star is affecting our planet, but something is definitely causing changes.
 Quoting: Mulletman

Do you actually claim that the sun sets in the same location all year long?

And there is no pole shift as evidenced by my polar aligned photographic telescope mounted in concrete for the past several years. If the rotational pole of the earth had shifted even a VERY tiny fraction of a degree, long exposure astrophotography would be impossible.
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