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Message Subject *** Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth's End ***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
With a title like "Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth's End" don't tell me you have no clue that the earth's pole shifted during two recent, large earthquakes we had in 2010 and 2011 that happen to coincide with certain planetary alignments.

Don't tell me there is no evidence whatsoever. I am not going to start posting links and shit, but even simple people with no internet or electricity know that something has changed.

I am not a scientist or astrologist and don't have to be to at least know it's good to be informed of any "worst case scenario" and to be prepared for it.
 Quoting: Mulletman

I'm with Mulletman... it just plain common sense and/or gut instinct to realize we're living on a whole different planet than even 10 years ago...

Anything is possible, I thought GLPers have open minds...

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