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Message Subject *** Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth's End ***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
yeah know, Carl Sagen knew all about this.

He got paid big money to keep his mouth shut
and tow the line and play his part
but at the highest levels
this is a known reality.

When, ... who knows ?
they aren't going to tell us but they are
obviously preparing for something.

I don't believe Elenin is anything more than
a comet and most people probably won't see
it unless they get up early in the morning
before sunrise.

It would appear that the time of the exodus
would have been the last passing. Just because
it isn't visible now doesn't mean it isn't there
and or nearer for an approach sometime soon latter.

The best way to avoid global panic is to convince
the public at large that it doesn't exist but the historic
record says otherwise.

and if you don't believe it,
why would you care at all anyway?

There are people who believe in Barak Obama
and all his lies but I don't waste my time trying to
convince them otherwise.
I don't care!

It's their problem, not mine.
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