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Message Subject *** Believers In Mysterious Planet Nibiru Await Earth's End ***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Per Summerian data the cyclical disasters caused by Nibiru happen at 3600 year intervals. Well when was the last planetary disruption? It was the last time half the world had an extra long night and half the world had an extra long day - known as Joshuas long day in the bible.

This event also extincted the Indus culture and many Mediterranean cultures. Egypt reported it as a great disaster with half the country rinsed by the sea and surviving livestock roaming around ownerless. Ancient Chinese records described this event caused the ocean to rise up and cover all the foothills on the coast of China and only those on the actual mountains survived to watch the ocean cover these lower hills. When did Joshuas long day happen? About 1500 - 1600 BC which is about 3600 years ago.

Right now we are experiencing the Earth changes the Summerians described as concerning the leaders right before Noahs flood about 12000 years ago. They reported the poles were melting quicker then usual and temperatures were excessively hot and weather unpredictable and changing rapidly. They gathered all the data and sent it to their scientists and the verdict? Evacuate the planet. So they did but they left their human slaves to die in the flood although clearly some lived.

So we are experiencing the same symptoms noticed and recorded in ancient stories before a previous disaster. There are ancient warnings these happen at 3600 year intervals and from multiple places on Earth we have ancient stories describing a big shtf event about 3600 years ago.

Almost all religions with roots back to ancient times are centered around a known about and predicted future pole shift event and using the fear of that as a control mechanism for mankind.

But ignore all that and instead pay rapt attention to scientists from a culture that just a few generations ago figured out the Earth was not flat? Even Native Americans knew it was not flat.

Too much is going on that is new with the increased volcanism, magnetism changes and poles moving faster, the shrinking heliosphere which they have no idea why that is, the new magnetic ribbon they just discovered outside this solar system. Anyone with the wisdom to see will prepare for this event because not all will die.
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