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Need Help with Memory Card Reader & Memory Cards

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1440784
United States
07/12/2011 03:34 PM
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Need Help with Memory Card Reader & Memory Cards
Iím looking to buy an MP3 player and have decided on the Sansa Clip+ 4GB with a slot for another card. I looked at the PDF Manual. It says it takes SD and SDHC and others.

So Iím looking on Amazon for cards and card readers, which I understand can also be written on. So I see an item named :
Sandisk MicroMate Reader - for SD and SDHC memory cards $13.79

Product Features Ė "... PC and memory-enabled mobile ... when a card with content is ..."

And Right underneath that one is another that looks just like it and is Priced at $3.88!
And is described: Sandisk MicroMate Reader-for Memory Stick
Product Features Ė "... card formats MicroMate for MS Duo supports Memory Stick Duo Readers ..."

And a few lines under that one: Sandisk MicroMate for SD - Card reader ( SD, SDHC ) - Hi-Speed USB
Buy new: $12.95 Product Features Ė "Supports SD and SDHC Memory Cards"

And further I look at the Micro SDHC Memory cards and find:

Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter (BULK Packaging)

SanDisk 4GB MicroSDHC Card with SD Adpater ( SDSDQ-4096-A11M, US Retail Package )
And there was another for $1.18.

The same variation goes for the SD and for the 4GB and the 8GB.

They seem to repeat items from page to page.
They have items that look and read the same with all different prices.
The Manual did Not specify and certain number for the cards.

How do I know which to get?
Any enlightenment on this would be Greatly Appreciated.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1042645
United States
07/12/2011 03:39 PM
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Re: Need Help with Memory Card Reader & Memory Cards
Shop on newegg, always buy sandisk, get the Sony media card reader.. they sell em at staples or online at newegg. Generally you'll spend 5 more dollars at staples but get it right away.. Id just walk in there.. get the Sony reader and a sandisk card, for an MP3 player you don't NEED a fancy one. it does nothing for you. Just get sandisk and big.