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Drone (ceiling fan UFO) controversy back in news. NSA confiscates Greek mythology book from witness

The Analog Guy
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07/12/2011 05:37 PM

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Drone (ceiling fan UFO) controversy back in news. NSA confiscates Greek mythology book from witness
[link to www.earthfiles.com]

Also four years ago right before sunrise on June 25, 2007, a technical specialist in security for a Homeland Security subcontractor was checking infrared cameras at his facility about six miles from Maxwell AFB and its Gunter AFB Annex in Montgomery, Alabama. Because his work is highly sensitive, he asked then - and now - that I not use his actual name. So I call him “Ted Connors.” My original Earthfiles interview with Ted Connors was June 29, 2007, and is in this Earthfiles Archive.

Recently Ted Connors surprised me with new information about a second encounter at his work place with what Ted thinks is the intelligence behind the dragonfly drone technology. That startling experience occurred October 6, 2010, and is detailed here after a brief introduction about what originally  happened on June 25, 2007.


Going Back to June 25, 2007,
5:15 AM Central, Montgomery, Alabama

Here are excerpts from what Ted Connors originally described as occurring around 5:15 - 5:45 AM Central on Monday, June 25, 2007, when he was outside his security facility to check three dozen infrared cameras mounted 20 to 30 feet above ground:  “ I noticed beside an southern yellow pine tree what looked like a ring. I thought somebody had thrown a hub cab up in the tree. And I moved to one side to look at it – it was just before daylight, so you could see, but you could not really make out a lot of detail.

This thing was not attached to the tree. It was not in the tree. It was to the side of the tree! And it had these elongated wires that stuck out of the top and just sort of curved and went up and sort of disappeared. They looked like they just sort of faded out. They didn’t stop, they just faded out. And I think there was some electrostatic popping and crackling and I felt tingling and hair raising up on my arms.


“Hieroglyphic” Patterns Underneath Dragonfly Tail

I could see it looked like a tail rotor on a helicopter made up of (a connected series of) shapes like fan blades, like a ceiling fan. I thought, ‘This is weird!’ I could see because of the streetlights in the area and high mercury vapor lights, I could see patterns on the bottom of it that looked like blotches of some type of hieroglyphics.


Right, correct.”


I had been reporting about dragonfly-shaped aerial craft since early May 2007, when several eyewitnesses photographed similar craft, including one man who called himself  “Chad.”
[ See May 15, 2007 Earthfiles in Archive.]  Ted Connors said that the dragonfly-shaped object he saw at his security facility next to the tree was similar to the type photographed by Chad.

Dragonfly-shaped aerial craft photographed by Chad on May 6, 2007,
in Bakersfield, California region.

Chad's close-up of dragonfly lettering on long tail section.
Chad wrote that his images were taken on May 6, 2007,
in the general Bakersfield region.

Patterns beneath tail of dragonfly aerial craft photographed June 5, 2007, near Saratoga,
California, in Big Basin Redwoods State Park © 2007 by Ty Brannigan.

Are the Dragonflies Monitoring Drones?
I say burn all of your bridges while you still have control of the flame.
We are like flies crawling across the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel: We cannot see what angels and gods lie underneath the threshold of our perceptions. We do not live in reality; we live in our paradigms, our habituated perceptions, our illusions; the illusions we share through culture we call reality, but the true historical reality of our condition is invisible to us.”
Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
01/01/2014 12:44 PM
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Re: Drone (ceiling fan UFO) controversy back in news. NSA confiscates Greek mythology book from witness