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Message Subject Cantor : taxes shouldn't be raised but students should pay more
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If higher education was not subsidize to the extent that it is, costs would naturally come down.

I think we should be paid fairly for work, and take home our ENTIRE pay. Then from our income we should write checks for each and every tax and for our health care costs including insurance.

Once people paid their own health care, instead of through a 2nd or 3rd party, discriminating buying practices will bring cost down dramatically by forcing competition between providers.

If people paid their taxes directlt instead of through their employer, we would understand that we probably do earn fair wage, but the govt STEALS a great deal of it. There woukd be a backlash bigger then the Boston Tea Party.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 965628

friend,already lot of foreign students are working in american uni because the time period and costs dont match for average american student.Who will do a phd on $ 1500 per month(taxable) for 4 years and do a post graduate for next 5 years with no economic benefits?
as usual republicans want uni education only for their rich friends
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